Special Offerings

Throughout the year we periodically offer classes such as:

  • Canine Enrichment 101 & Canine Cooperative Care Class (6 weeks)  Learn about and engage your dog or puppy in enrichment opportunities for a better, more enriched life: Social (playtime), Occupational (games & puzzles), Physical (toy play), Sensory (olfactory, auditory, tactile, etc.), Nutritional (Ditch that bowl!) Also learn handling skills for caring for your dog all while giving them a say in the process. Do you have a dog that hates the vet or hates taking pills? Hates being groomed, bathed, or brushed? Do you want to make life easier for everyday tasks/animal care that you need to do with your dog/puppy? One word makes it possible: Consent. By letting your dog have a say (and teaching them how to), they become actively engaged & willing participants in their care.
    *Prerequisites: Puppy K (already graduated or currently enrolled in/signed up to start one in the future), BPO or Competition Obedience student.
  • Loose Leash Walking, Sniffari Walks, Hiking and more! (6 weeks)— Learn the hows and whys for different ways we can walk our dogs: loose leash walking, heeling, decompression/enrichment/sniffari walks, hikes (on or off leash), etc. Utilize safe leash handling skills & proper mechanics, reinforcement timing and placement techniques (where and when to give the reward) along with location specific reinforcement markers (where the reward will be located), along with the Premack Principle (if you do this you will get that) to provide your dog with the exercise and mental stimulation they need.
    *Prerequisites: Puppy K (already graduated or currently enrolled in/signed up to start one in the future), BPO, Competition Obedience student.
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New, unique classes will be posted here, as well as in our Events page, as they are scheduled. Please check back if you are interested.