Service Dog Classes

Special Announcement

We are excited to announce our new Service Dog program at MasterPeace for owner-trainers of service dogs.

 Our Service Dog program is dedicated to MICHAEL MASTERS who trained his own service dog Paxton.

Corey Jose Silva will be the instructor for this wonderful program. Learn why this means so much to Corey:

” I am thrilled to make a special announcement that is particularly close to my heart. This year, MasterPeace Dog Training is launching a Service Dog Program specifically designed for owner-trainers.

May 30 is “World MS” day, an international awareness day for everyone affected by multiple sclerosis (MS). Seven years ago, I was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis. One morning, I woke up with tingling in my hands, which eventually led to a temporary loss of control. This challenging experience ignited my dream of training a retriever to assist me as my “backup hands.” During my journey, I discovered the scarcity of resources available for owners who wish to train their own service dogs, despite it being entirely legal and reasonable under the ADA.

I am excited to introduce the MasterPeace Service Dog Program, the resource I once sought. MasterPeace Dog Training is uniquely positioned to support individuals from puppy kindergarten to specialized task training. Starting this July I will be offering a “Service Dog Task Foundations” class.”


Our program will also feature:

  • Quarterly Service Dog 101 Workshops
  • Public Access Training
  • The “MasterPeace Public Access Test”
  • And much more

Meet the Instructor – Corey Silva  

Corey is a smart mathematician and a very talented dog trainer. He is a dog dad to Zuko, a black lab that he calls his “working dog” and Bruno, a wheaten terrier, that is his “party dog“. He’s engaged to be married this fall to his beautiful fiancé Alexa.

Corey joined our wonderful team of instructors last year and has been teaching our Tricks program on Sunday evenings and Snap the Perfect Photo class.

 He’s also a MasterPeace student taking Competition Obedience classes with his dog Zuko!

Corey’s certifications include:

  • ABCSDT (Animal Behavior College Certified Service Dog Trainer)
  • CTDI (Certified Trick Dog Instructor)
  • Degree in Applied Mathematics from Brown University and a Master’s Degree in Mathematics from Tuft’s University